Ryan White Program Services

As identified in our name, Promesa is the “promise” to bring the knowledge, expertise and transformative creative thinking that provides sustainable solutions to our clients.  Our capabilities includes a wide-range of expertise in Federal Ryan White Programs, to include:

  • Technical Assistance and Technical Writing Services
    • Conducting Needs Assessments & Special Studies, creating Comprehensive HIV Program Services Plans; Planning Councils Operational Bylaws; and Statewide Coordinated Statements of Need Reports;
    • Collecting and presenting HIV epidemiology and client utilization data; prepare reports and presentations to provide guidance to Grantees on improvements to the continuum of health care service delivery.
    • Facilitate establishment of annual health care service priorities and allocation of financial resources for essential health care services for individuals with HIV.
  • Meeting Management, Facilitation & Logistical Services, plan and facilitate the management of monthly meetings with federally mandated community planning bodies (Ryan White Planning Councils) to identify and address the needs and the healthcare service requirements of People with HIV/AIDS, to include:
    • Ensures Planning Council compliance with legislative requirements and directives of the Federal Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) and HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB);
    • Facilitates the development of meeting policies, procedures, expectations, and/or ground rules that reinforce open, respectful communication among members;
    • Develops meeting agendas and facilitates Planning Council and standing committee meetings that foster balanced participation among members resulting in fair, efficient decision-making and the approval of necessary actions required by HRSA/HAB and Grantees;
    • Preparation of meeting minutes, handouts,
    • Provides the education & training necessary to Planning Council to ensure understanding of legislatively mandated roles, responsibilities, and deliverables; and
    • Facilitates communication between Planning Councils and Grantees;

Our experts strive to provide our clients with lasting and transformative solutions that empower organizations to sustain growth and development.