Financial Consulting

Efficient financial management and fiscal health is critical to the success of any organization.  Promesa possesses a stable of well-qualified professionals who have a wealth of financial practices knowledge in both the private and public sector.  Promesa’s professionals have experience in performing financial management and consulting services across a number of industries including:

  • Banks
  • Investment firms
  • State & Federal Government
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Corporations

Promesa’s experienced staff is well versed in the numerous pieces of a comprehensive financial management plan: financial analysis, revenue forecasting, strategic decision-making, financial statement analysis, quality controls, modeling and reporting.  In addition, over the past 25 years, our consultants have provided financial, real estate analytical, advisory and consulting support services to a variety of clients to include financial institutions as well as state and federal regulatory agencies.

In conjunction with our Business Process Outsourcing services, Promesa has the ability to provide end-to-end accounting and financial consulting and servicing for any organization; from the initial plan development to the day-to-day accounting and reconciliation functions.

Our team of talented professionals provide various organizations with financial expertise and value-added advisory services that are of the highest quality, in direct alignment with our corporate Promise of Excellence!